How to Get out of Paying Child Support

How to Get out of Paying Child Support by James Underwood

How to avoid paying child supportI was rexeived a free review copy of Underwood’s newest how-to book. At first I was very skeptical however I gave it a read, mainly because it’s so tabu to talk about the issues of the non-custodial parents that you simply can’t find any other serious books of the sort.

In this unconventional book “How to get out of paying child support” author James Underwood explores the ins and outs of our Child Support System to give the non custodial parent some answers.

I must admit I was very surprised. It was an amazing read, and the information included was priceless!! So many minute details and strategies that you will not hear anywhere else. Underwoods no-nonsense, and non-judgmental way of navigating the sexist U.S. child support system and explaining it in an easily comprehensible way is a must read for anyone in a tough situation due to divorce, child support, or a custody battle.

The main topics in the book explore:

  1. Child Support Laws state by state

  2. Child support documents and filings

  3. International Child Support Laws

  4. Dismiss a child support claim (before paternity has been established)

  5. Delay a child support claim (after paternity has been established)

  6. How to reduce or eliminate your child support

  7. How to gain joint or full custody

  8. How to stop child support

  9. Stop making payments and start getting payments

  10. Relinquishing your paternal rights

  11. How to start a Trust for asset protection

All considered “How to get out of Paying Paying Child Support” is a must have on the subject. Currently it’s only available in paperback… you can buy it for a discount below through Create Space, or you can buy it on Amazon.

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If you’re back and have purchased and read the book feel free to ask questions or leave comments in the sections below. I know anyone who is experiencing hardship because of child support, divorce, or separation will benefit immensely from reading Underwood’s book. Thank you for reading our short review.

8 Responses to “How to Get out of Paying Child Support”

  • Ben says:

    Much more in debt than I thought it would be. Are you guys going to keep adding and updating the book every year? If we purchased the first one can we get a discount??

    • Michael says:

      Ben, I believe they will be releasing a second edition within two years, not sure about a discount but I’ll keep you informed.

  • Dennis Patche says:

    Bought it through Amazon, don’t usually leave reviews but this book was a life-saver… thanks guys!

  • JJ says:

    Wasn’t really well written but the information is solid. The state by state child support laws is something I’ve been looking all over the internet for… no one seems to want to tell you… Glad I read it, in some states not paying child support is a ticketing offense, some it’s a misdemeanor… and some a damn felony.

  • Cory says:

    Very Good Book!!!!! After I read it I bought another copy and sent it to my brother…

  • Rand says:

    Finally!!! This book is the apex of #brocode

  • Alex says:

    Not exactly a law textbook… as a matter of fact it’s probably safe to say half of what’s in this book is technically illegal. Some stuff I knew and quite a bit I didn’t… all in all worth the money.

  • Daniel says:

    Wow! Very glad I gave this book a chance. I thought my life was over… when I first heard about the book I thought it was too good to be true, when I finally got it in the mail and started reading it, I knew my life would never be the same. And I’m not exaggerating!