How to get out of paying child support

Tired of paying for child support? Feel overwhelmed? Does everyone you talk to do nothing but criticize you? Finding information on how to get out of paying child support is not easy. And I feel your pain, that is why I’ve put together this Ebook.

Not all U.S states extradite or garnish wages for non-payment of child support. Furthermore many states are allowing enforceable oral and written contracts that can allow one parent to NOT be financially liable for support. Child support is becoming more complicated. You have situations in which a sperm donor is involved or one of the parties was sexually assaulted.

There are tricks to lower your payments to as little as $25 a month while still maintaining a full time job. Ways to delay or have your child support claim thrown out of court. You can gain joint as well as full custody a lot easier than you may think and without the need for a costly attorney.

Whats in the Ebook?

Child Support Laws state by state
Child support documents and filings
Dismiss a child support claim (before paternity has been established)
Delay a child support claim (after paternity has been established)
How to reduce or eliminate your child support
How to gain joint or full custody
How to stop child support
Stop making payments and start getting payments
Relinquishing your paternal rights

As an added bonus:

  • 17 Walk through scenarios
  • Best and worst states for child support and why
  • Non-extradition states
  • Surviving “on the lam” for beginners.

What are you waiting for? Usually $24.99 now for a limited time only $14.99

“I will always remember the $24 that truly changed my life”

Life is tough enough without adding Child Support to the equation. One of my dearest friends makes $65k a year, lives in a Studio apartment, and drives a 10 year old Camry while his unemployed “baby mama” drives around in a new SLK and lives in the home he paid for. And I hear this story every day. Ex-wife cashing checks laid up in the house you paid for with some Russian guy named Oliver Kloseoff :)

We live in a society that considers Men always the aggressor, women week, and the best interest of the child always with the mother. To bad this is rarely the case.

I have sold this Ebook to many, many men all across the United States and not one has ever been unsatisfied! This is truly information that no one else is likely to give you because its been compiled over years. Its information that will change your life!

The profits that come from the sale of this Ebook are reinvested in advertising to reach more individuals in need, to maintaining this website, and to buy me a 12-pack of Dos Equis tonight. Stay thirsty my friends.